Test Out

If you are already an experienced CrossFitter joining us from another affiliate, please contact us to discuss testing out of our Fundamentals Program. You must specifically have a CrossFit experience to be eligible for test out.


Free Intro

Come try us out! Every Monday at 5:15pm, we hold a free workout open to all fitness levels and all ages 18 plus. Please call to register as space is limited. If you enjoy day 1, then we will give you information to continue in Fundamentals, our beginner program.


For $99 our small group setting will teach you all things CrossFit. During our four 1-hour group classes you'll learn the lingo, movements, lifts and participate in a full body workout. We want you to feel comfortable, safe and confident before walking into your first group class.

Private Training

If you'd like to get started in a 1-on-1 setting with a Trainer, rather than group, we offer 4 sessions for $185. The trainer will work with you individually on your movement patterns, learning lifts and all things Crossfit. You will complete a full body workout during each session.

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