• Amy Kubal Seminar - Paleo Dietitian - October 25

    Need a fat loss or mass gain template? Find them here!

    You heard about these are the seminar. Here are templates you can download and use to help plan your nutrition.

    - Fat loss template for women

    - Fat loss template for men

    - Mass gains template for women

    - Mass gains template for men

    - Robb Wolf's Paleo Food Matrix: ideas on Paleo friendly foods.

    Consult with your health care professional regarding your diet plans. The templates are a starting point; each athlete must customize to meet individual needs. Talk to your coach if you have questions on customizing.

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    • Do you want to feel healthier and more energetic?
    • Do you want to be a better athlete, or a better parent?
    • Do you want challenge yourself in a supportive environment, knowing that the confidence you gain can carry over to the rest of your life?

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    At CrossFit Twin Cities, we are focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals, regardless of your current fitness level. Although the workouts can be challenging, they are always scaled to the individual's skill and fitness level.

    You'll be challenged, but you'll also have fun!

    Ask about our new Functional Movement Screen benefit for members. The screening retails for $150, and is now included with memberships. Prevent injuries, build strength and restore proper movement using corrective exercises chosen for your needs. This is the same program used by many professional sports teams!

    Learn more about our Instructor Training Program here...

    CrossFit Twin Cities is Granite Games Approved

    Note: for your safety, CrossFit Twin Cities has an AED (automatic external defibrillator) and has offered CPR training to our coaches.

  • Our coaches are trained fitness enthusiasts, with multiple accreditations, who are completely focused on helping our members achieve their health and fitness goals, and improving their lives.

    Along with dedication to the athletes, our full-time owner/coaches strive for continuous improvement, to make CrossFit Twin Cities one of the top boxes in the area.

    Read their bios here.

  • CrossFit Twin Cities has helped many people reach their health and fitness goals.

    "Great Crossfit box; still sticking to the original Crossfit model with its focus on the 10 pillars of fitness, experienced coaches who genuinely care about their athletes and their well being and safety. One of the few places that emphasizes nutrition (again, original Crossift model stuff). The box also offers varied programs besides Crossfit (Kickboxing, KettleBell, mobility). Major reason why Crossfit TC stands out is the experience of their seasoned staff, which is the most important aspect in Crossfit training."

    Sam N

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