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Functional Movement Screening

All our athletes are offered a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This screen helps athletes identify areas of imbalance, and prescribes exercises to help the athlete move better, and more safely.

Our Classes

When you join CrossFit Twin Cities, you can take advantage our unique blend of offerings. We offer classic CrossFit, a barbell club, Kickboxing, kettle bells, and personal defense readiness. Specialty seminars and workshops help you advance on our fitness journey.

Instructor Training Program

Athletes who are interesting in learning more about coming a CrossFit coach can apply to, and participate in our Instructor Training Program. This program helps athletes gain the skills and knowledge to pass CrossFit's Level 1 Trainer exam. Participants also learn hands-on coaching skills, and can become further involved in the CFTC community.

CFTC Store

Shop the CFTC store for CrossFitter favorites, including INOV-8 shoes, SFH protein and fish oil, jump ropes, wrist wraps, Hyper Ice packs, and tee shirts.

Nutrition Info

Amy Kubal, consultant dietitian for Robb Wolf, also serves as the nutrition coach for CFTC. Learn more about Amy here...

Need a fat loss or mass gain template? Find them here! 
You heard about these are the seminar. We offer templates you can download and use to help plan your nutrition. 

Visit Robb Wolf's Paleo Food Matrix: ideas on Paleo friendly foods for more information.

Consult with your health care professional regarding your diet plans. The templates are a starting point; each athlete must customize to meet individual needs. Talk to your coach if you have questions on customizing.

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